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The SALUTE Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization established in December 2018. The organization was founded by Sterling Brown and his brother, Shannon. They were both born in Maywood, Illinois, which is a near west suburb of Chicago, in Proviso Township, Cook County, Illinois. The Foundation was established to provide education, events, programs, services and resources to under-served youth and adults within low-income neighborhoods similar to the economy of Maywood.

Vision Statement

The SALUTE Foundation will help families prepare for current and future enrichment. It will assist in solving many of the hardships found in the urban community; such as, social injustices and the lack of economic and educational opportunities. The SALUTE Foundation will stir up the hunger within individuals and communities to strive for greatness by rising above their current circumstances to achieve success and accomplish their goals.

Mission Statement

The SALUTE Foundation will enforce the attributes of Sacrifice, Ambition, Loyalty, Unremitting, Truth, and Education by providing opportunities that prepare youth and adults to pursue their dreams, and ergo help take care of their families.


Through their journeys, the Brown brothers faced many similar obstacles, yet some different challenges. Both grew up in the Village of Maywood, and had to overcome hate from their peers because their father was a police officer in the community. They also had to deal with the reality of surviving street proclivities; such as, gun violence, drugs, and gang activities that were and still are prevalent within the community. As time went on, Sterling had to face hate because of Shannon’s success in the NBA. Both made it out of that environment to have successful college careers at different programs. With their professional pursuits, both knew it would be a tough task but because of their mental strength and solid foundation they were well prepared. They still dealt with relevant and current adversities that African-American communities face but used and continue to use them to propel and deliver change on and off the court. 


The Brown brothers decided to team up and establish The SALUTE Foundation to give those within the urban community opportunities to build resilience, obtain knowledge, be financially stable, and broaden their horizons and experiences. Both are bringing opportunities and experiences to be shared and distributed through the foundation’s various events and programs. The events and programs will bridge a ten year gap in age between the brothers as they combine their visions to reach all ages.

Sacrifice, Ambition, Loyalty, Unremitting, Truth, and Education was the fuel that ignited their fire, and continues to burn within them to spark the flame in others.

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